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Centaur - Jewel by Dwelian Centaur - Jewel by Dwelian
's character Jewel as a centaur. I owed her some art and I can't believe I kept forgetting to post it. This thing has been sitting in my sketchbook since August! Anyway, hope you like it Jewel!

Jewel MustBeJewel
art sara kate sams
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Valkyrie-Girl Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008  Student General Artist
I know this is waaaaay late but i just found this and I must say, this is one of the best blendings of horse and human that I've seen. Very nice.
blood-of-an-angel Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006
OMG AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW *jaw drops*
Mermaid-Kalo Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
very nice!
Your coloring style is awesome! :love: I also really like the design of her shirt and the belt is just flat out nifty. i likes!
DekeNicki Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2005
OMG! Smexy!!!!!!!!!!
andalasur Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
Spiffy centaur! :clap: love the coloring and everything :D
Kenthayle Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
Very pretty. I like her outfit, especially the jewelry and vambraces.
WhiskerWing Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005
What an awesome character -- I love how you made the hair colors flow so beautifully. I wish I had your talent with hair -- you make it come out so beautiful and shiny!! :heart: Great job, as always. =]
Dwelian Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005
if you like the character go check out 's page, this is her character just redesigned as a centaur. She's the one who started the whole hair-color-change thing, and I'm afraid I'm probably goign to have to steal it for another character (though in different colors of course!) since I like it so much.
WhiskerWing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
ooooh, very nice art. *watches* And I love the hair color thing -- I'm intrigued at the thought of you using it for a character! :heart:
MustBeJewel Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
:heart: :heart: :heart: Oh my goodness!!!! So awesome! *stares* I can't tell you how much I love this, down to the smallest details! :love: It's so me, hehe.. just, all of it. Damn.. I'm really impressed! :D

On a silly note.. I was opening your page here (before checking my notes) to find ref pics of Whimsy for the winter contest, and this pic was loading slowly in the Recent Deviations. I saw the top part and my heart stopped a moment. I was like, "But that.. who is.. that's like, me! Is someone stealing my look? What is this!?" And nearly giggled myself silly when I decided to look at the title and then it was, "Whoa--it IS me!" Then the drooling commenced as the whole image loaded :XD:

Thankie Dwelian!! :glomp:
Dwelian Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
Haha! I love being able to give people a heart attack. Especially when they wind up happy to have one! And I really have had this sitting around in my sketchbook for-freaking-ever. I'm trying to catch up on my backlog of art for people at the same time I'm doing commissions and trying to get projects and papers finished for school. AGH!
candycornsnake Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
Jewel is going to love this one!!! She look amazing! Great job on that hair too!
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December 1, 2005
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